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4 common sense ideas to begin using NOW!

Here are some easy-to-use common sense tips for the coming school year. You may already have them in place in your classroom, and if you’re a parent you can share this with your child’s teacher… just to make sure!

1. Read with expression (be over the top, because they’ll likely meet you halfway… or copy you!)

It’s a great idea to make reading as fun as possible. This helps stories come alive! By reading with expression we model a number of skills (fluency, comprehension, vocabulary understanding, character, and more). Go over the top in your use of expression. Our kids copy us, so give them something great to copy!

2. Match the book with ability

We are getting much better at this, but it’s still worth highlighting:

Match their reading book with their ability!

Find stories that kids can read with a minimum of 93% accuracy. This will help develop confidence while working on reading speed, new vocabulary, accuracy and expression.

3. Teach metacognitive strategies for quickly sounding out words

Some students over-rely on sounding out. This is a tricky habit to break, but they are using it because they feel they need it. If this is the case, have them practice sounding out quickly for new words and model for them how they can do this.

4. Let them see you LOVING reading

This might sound like a repeat of the first point, but it does differ. We can demonstrate our love of reading by simply reading newspapers, books and articles when they are around - even if we do not read them to our young people! When we pick-up reading materials it shows them we value the act of reading. Remember: kids copy our behaviours!

If you’re already doing these four things – amazing!

Help others do them. If not, have a go at including them in your school and classroom. It will make a difference.

We make P.E. fun; we make Art and Science fun; let’s remember to invite Reading to the party!