BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES: Working with others

4 common sense ideas to begin using NOW!

Because being nice is nice!

This week is for the grown-ups - teachers and parents. Our young people are always learning from us (or watching us), including how we relate to one another. I try to let these four principles guide me; perhaps you will too!

1. Say “HI” when you walk by people

Why? Because they’re humans, not plants.

I was at a funeral of a young friend a few years ago. It was estimated that nearly 1,000 paid their respects over two days. As I reflected on my own life, the phrase “It’s good to be known” continued to echo inside my mind. I couldn’t escape the fact that kind people are the kind of people that make the world better.

It’s good to know people and be nice to them, just as it feels good to receive kindness from others.

2. If you’re correcting someone, speak with him or her respectfully as if their family is watching

This is a good guide to dealing with people respectfully, calmly and ethically. Keep level.

Consider the question:

What if Betty White was here?

3. Remember your legacy

When you change jobs or move on to another phase of life, your colleagues are going to remember you.

But How? What will they say about you?

This doesn’t mean we are self-conscious about what people think about us, but it does mean that we will have left impressions on others. What impression - or legacy - will you leave?

4. Look after your boss’s interests as if they’re your own

It is vital we learn the importance of being a servant and serving someone else’s vision – especially if we want to be a leader. The best leaders are servants and know they are only stewards of a grander vision. They know they are meant to leave their classroom and school/business/organisation in a better place than they found it.

We are simply stewards of our position and have been entrusted with whatever position we have.

If you’re already doing these four things – amazing! Help others do them. If not, have a go at including them in your school and classroom.

It will make a difference!