Reconciliation: Why I try to write from the truest place in me

Reconciliation: Why I try to write from the truest place in me

Painting: The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt van Rijn

There’s a place deep within us where, if we quiet ourselves long enough – the noise, the trivial things battling for our time and, yes, even those seemingly “good” things which wrestle for our attention and devotion – we hear it speak.

At first it sounds soft and subtle; a faint familiar accent calling from the distance; it says something true to each of us. It tells us who we are – our true identity beyond race, ethnicity, gender or any other label. It says something real to each of us. It tells us what we somehow already know about ourselves, but this something got lost somewhere along the way.

Above all, it tells us good things.

And as we tune our ear to its voice, it grows clearer; still a whisper, but clearer.

I find it when I write meaningful text.

I find it in the crowd and I find it in solitude.

I find it in compassion for each crippled or disabled person I walk by and something inside my bones cries out with a deep and deafening groan I cannot find words for.

I find it when I hear lies on the TV or in the news or when I hear half-truths or manipulation.

I find it when this strength rises up inside me that calls out for justice in the world. Not “social justice”; JUSTICE.

I have found there is a difference.

This includes justice at a very personal level as well – because when my outward projection matches the inward strength and courage I no longer wish to keep buried under protocols, expectations and self-or-social-imposed norms – my true voice will be heard.

This is justice.

And I’m damn-well learning that the world needs it.

You’re learning it too.

The world does not need politically correct 35-year old, 6-foot toddlers. It needs men; women; it needs all of us to speak our true voice.

And I may be wrong about this, but our true voice is not our opinion about certain matters; our opinions are almost always tainted by a myriad of falsehoods.

In fact, our true voice often tells us our opinions are wrong.

Some of us are just better at listening.

I have found it is the voice inside us that calls out for the universal Reconciliation of all things.

Our true voice is already reconciled to Truth.

It is already:

Reconciled to Justice;

Reconciled to Creation;

Reconciled to the Creator;

Reconciled to One Another.


Find it wherever you are right now.