I'm a teacher and here's what I do

I'm a teacher and here's what I do

I change minds with truth

I change hearts with love

And sometimes I have to change nappies

I re-direct anger with kindness

I re-direct tears with compassion

And sometimes I re-direct tennis balls flying at my face

I envision scientists and doctors

I envision leaders and parents

And sometimes I envision myself laying on a Hawaiian beach

I hear laughing and playing

I hear dreams and desires

And sometimes when I hear the final bell ring, I say to myself "Thank God!"

I see endless possibilities

I see what others do not

And sometimes I see myself in a cushy 9 to 5 making a hell of a lot more

I listen to answers and questions

I listen to complaints and compliments

And sometimes I listen to positive-thinking podcasts because God I need it!

I am prepared for another week of organised chaos

I am prepared to be strong when others are not

And sometimes I am prepared to have my pay frozen for another year

I want the future to be healthier

I want the future to be safer

And sometimes I want to go home at lunchtime and drink wine

I hope I will have made a difference

I hope I am remembered for the right reasons

And sometimes I hope for a 5-course meal waiting for me when I get home

I think I can change the world

I think I can change just one

And I think life would be a lot easier if I just changed my profession

I arrive early at work

I arrive late at home

And sometimes I wish I was at the arrivals gate in Paris

I believe in the kids I have known

I believe in a brighter day

And I know I am changing the world one heart and mind at a time

I'm a teacher and that's what I do.